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Whether you have a Brick n Mortar establishment , online business services or even ecommerce, Business owners lose massive profits to credit card processing fees, and fear losing business by transferring those fees on to customers, believing there's no other option.

That is simply not the case, and we have the options to show you !

First of all

Online Payment Processing Services

20% of online businesses currently use Stripe

Recently, Stripe froze 5% of all active accounts within one week alone! What Stripe deems as high-risk will only become more strict throughout this year. Your business could be crippled overnight if you are not prepared.

Or you can proactively take responsibility for your business. Your move!

Our merchant services are available nationwide to help businesses of all sizes process payments quickly and easily, while also lowering processing fees. We can also Integrate with just about any system.

POS Systems for Your Business

POS systems often come with features such as integration with other business tools, loyalty programs, and detailed sales reports, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into their operations. Overall, implementing a POS system can greatly enhance a business's ability to manage sales, inventory, and customer relationships effectively.

a building with a atm sign lit up at night
a building with a atm sign lit up at night

Not to mention

ATM Solutions

Our ATM's provide merchants with a convenient way to offer cash to their customers, increasing foot traffic and revenue.

And let's not forget

Cash Discount Program

With our cash discount program, businesses can save money every month and reinvest those savings back into their business to promote growth.

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CEO Merchant Services and ATM's is a leading provider of merchant services and ATM solutions nationwide. Our goal is to help businesses save money and grow by offering innovative payment processing solutions, excellent Point of sale systems, Funding for needed capital, and convenient ATM options. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.

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